Public Service Announcements

Download videos and public service announcements in standard- or high-definition formats.

Gun Safety (2014)

The Veterans Crisis Line gun safety video shows the importance of taking precautions at home when a firearm is present. Simple actions can help Veterans, Service members, and their families stay safe.

These Hands (2013)

“These Hands” gives glimpses of Veterans as they served our country, and links to how important family members and friends can be in recognizing the challenges of transitioning to civilian life.

Stand by Them (2013)

We’re all in this together: “Stand by Them” calls on family members, friends, and communities to support the Veterans and Service members who have stood up for them in defense of our Nation.

Side by Side (2012)

It’s OK to not understand what Veterans go through during service or when they return: As “Side by Side” shows, you can still make a difference. No matter what’s going on, support is available.

Waking Up (2011)

“Waking Up” offers a glimpse of some of the challenges faced by one resilient Vietnam Veteran who chose to make the call to the Veterans Crisis Line.